I am a digital design and art director generalist with close to 20 years experience. At this point senior has become an adjective I can’t sidestep. Although this may read as a jack-of-all-trades (and I’ve used that term myself a lot) my wealth and range of experience means that I can deliver on a wide range of projects to a high level, from concepts and strategic campaigns through to the micro-level delivery of press and pixel-perfect design.


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It's been a long, long time, sigh

As well as the long years in traditional design I taught myself HTML and built my first website in 1996, so my interest and knowledge in the digital world, and more recently the fields of UX an UI is extensive. One reason I love digital so much is that everything you know to be true now will be irrelevant tomorrow, ask an ActionScript developer if that’s true or not.

Facetious with facets

I have hands on experience with almost all facets of our creative industries and am able to creative / art direct, project manage or hands-on deliver in most areas. Indeed I find trade-craft ‘on-tools’ to be very important and skills that many seniors let lapse, which, in my experience, can be a liability for a business.



I have a wealth of experience and can deliver to a very high standard in all levels of design, be it creative direction and strategy, or project management to hands-on design. I have a great deal of love for this vocation and I hope this introduction and my folio convey this.

Project Management

I have a great deal of experience project managing, with both local and offshore teams. I feel my communication skills and broad knowledge base allows me to understand a project, the varied elements and personalities required to guide it and how to approach it to deliver on time and on budget (within sane reason).

In relation to digital projects, although I am not a developer I keep up-to-date with the changing fields of web and app frameworks which helps me to talk on the same level as developers–rather than a level of ‘i reckon’–which means I am an effective conduit/translator between the unholy trinity of creative projects: the technical, the creative and the client/executive levels.

I have many years experience in using online Project Management solutions such as Basecamp and have learnt through success and failure how projects need to be run for a project to run as smoothly as it can.

Creative and Art Direction

My broad experience allows me to apply a high-level visual and strategic approach to projects. Creativity aside, I am able to think of projects in gestalt terms, the entire gamut of deliverables and the intricacies that may be involved. This means that from my concepts actual real-world solutions will be achievable.

On the creative front I believe that I am a highly creative person with an insatiable interest in most everything and a wide-ranging general interest. It’s important to me to understand the project in more depth than some, which I feel allows a greater level of strategy within the creative.

In very direct terms I also make sure that artwork I create at a concept stage is in fact finished art quality. As mentioned previously I think of trade-craft as very important.

Team player

As I have worked for myself and am senior I appreciate that I might be mislabeled as someone unable to work under others or simply be a team member. This would be wildly inaccurate. I do not suffer from ego and the project is always the important thing to me, not my role in it. If I am to be a team leader or simply a team member I can own the role. I enjoy working with other creatives and even when managing a team I view the team as equal and a senior role being more like a cat-herder and responsibility rather than some power-play.


I will never be competition to a copywriter but I am a voracious reader and enjoy writing. I am not particularly good at writing long-form copy from different ‘voices’ but I am able to create sales lines, headlines and broad marketing copy when needed. In terms of campaigns and creative I can deliver the foundation concept copy and thoroughly enjoy being part of this process.

Graphic & Digital Design

Digital design is very broad a term and was used during the turn of the century to delineate between a more traditional designer and one of was focused on web and then app designs. As I have designed for all mediums for a long time I’m not entirely sure the term is relevant anymore. I can’t imagine a designer with no digital knowledge can find employment easy to come by. I only add this note to cover the HR and keyword bases as I am a highly capable creative across all fields of visual and communication design.

My experience in terms of app and plug-in tools includes (majors shown only): The entire Adobe CS suite (print + online), Cinema 4D (to a novice level), Live Surface, Fontographer, scalpel with cutting board bromide camera and waxing machine (might be redundant), varied plug-in and extensions.

Motion Graphics, Audio & 3D

I will not be much competition to a dedicated MoGraph designer, but I am able to hands on deliver and can art direct motion graphics pieces with a team. I have a real love of motion graphics but less time on these tools than I would like. This said I can create AE motion pieces, edit both video and audio and understand broadcast and online delivery pipelines.

My experience in terms of app and plug-in tools includes: After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premier Pro, Cinema 4D, Red Giant plug-in frameworks, Plexus, Logic Pro, Audition, Native Instruments and a range of input and audio recording tools (VO and instrument).


I have thought about, designed and delivered UX/UI to clients from before these terms existed. Prior to UX prototyping tools I created flowcharts, site-maps and basic box-based layouts within Illustrator.

I consider the approach of UI impossible without a solid understanding of a projects UX. From the very basics of showing a user’s interaction in a design when touch-screen has removed the ability of mouseOver visuals to plotting a sales or experience path through a site, it is all required in contemplation at the very least to deliver effective UI designs.

My direct experience in terms of app and plug-in tools includes (majors only shown): Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Edge, Sketch, UXPin.

EDM, CMS, WordPress + Responsive Design

I have a great deal of experience designing and building EDMs through hand-coding, code apps (like Dreamweaver) and online solutions such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp.

Through tools like Zapier I also have experience in ‘hooks’, linking a website back-end to EDM tools and the manual and automated magic you can weave.

I have years of experience in CMS, mainly with WordPress and can deliver bespoke solutions through developers and in a hands-on way using plug-ins, frameworks and code (CSS, HTML only) and have a deep understanding of things like Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) for functional modification.

I have 5 years experience in designing for Responsive layouts, primarily for the Twitter Bootstrap  framework.

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