Blok WordPress theme

Digital Design

Designed to be developed as a commercial WordPress Bootstrap responsive theme, this project was created using an existing client’s content and business needs, making the UX/UI choices have real-world significance and value.


The aims were fairly obvious, but in brief I aimed to create a real-world site that would in-turn make the WordPress theme commercially ready for online sale. Given the already enormous number of broad themes I aimed to create something that was specific but also very deep and immediately usable.


The project was aiming to be developed as a WordPress CMS theme based on the Bootstrap responsive framework and utilise various centralised Javascript libraries for UI animated elements to enhance a site visitor’s experience.


The proposal was approved by the client for a future roll-out with the commercial version soon to be made commercially available through Themeforest.

Real-world Function + Form

The project, although being a self-motivated one was successful as the choice to use an existing business’s content and projected requirements enforced an approach to UX/UI that was rooted in real-world necessity rather than what might look nicer in the proposal stage. This allowed function and form to find a valuable balance.

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