Fitbits Supplements


An existing brand who sell mainly online (ebay) reformulated it’s supplement range to use more natural and less synthetic ingredients. This was partially due to the market’s changing attitudes but also a new owner’s focus and great care in the products sold.


The change in formulation affected the price-point and the new brand needed to speak to a focus and quality and hopefully be bold enough to reinvent it’s market perception, for both existing and prospective customers.

Icon / Feature System

It is important to sell the features of the product in as visually interesting and as fast a method as possible. To solve this goal I created a complete iconography solution, using small titles and icons to represent important features.


  • Brand and stationary
  • A Complete Icon solution for around 50 points
  • A visual library to support the iconography
  • Packaging labels and bag selection for a product range of Proteins, Amino Acids and Stacks available in 200g to 5Kg offerings.

Reinvention and reinvigoration

Fitbits is a sports and lifestyle supplements brand which sells mainly online (ebay) to a diverse customer base. The product underwent a changes to use more pure and less synthetic ingredients. The primary purpose of the rebrand was to reinvent the product in the minds of it’s existing audience and new customers.

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