Pitch for a tour brand that included signage and collateral plus a design system for easy rollout and merch proposals.


The aim was to create a brand that linked the band’s old and new styles for a reunion tour. The band we’re very much a mix of electronic anarchy and punk dirty guitars, so a style needed to sit between these disparate-seeming sensibilities.


Logos for both the full name and acronym were crafted, along with a brand system made to simplify the delivery of any merch, collateral and signage required on the world tour for both professionals and street-teams.


The proposal was appreciated but not used. The type created for this brand is now being used as the basis for a typeface that will be sold commercially.

Opportunity meets indifference

A late 80’s / 90’s band that was part of a unique genre combining very early sampling and guitars PWEI hold a very special place in many people’s hearts, mine included. So the chance to pitch a reunion tour brand to the lead singer was too good an opportunity to miss. It was met with interest and then left in the dust. Sensational.

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