Think Your Way


Think Your Way was a project of QUT’s aiming at the promotion of indigenous further education and required a brand, portal and marketing campaign. 

This project was designed while working at Carbon Media. As I was the sole designer my involvement was for the complete initial design pitch shown here, working in conjunction with the in-house developer and marketing manager.

Main Features

Brand & Identity

The brand proposed a word mark that suited current trend while maintaining a sense of authority. This was coupled with the use of ‘songline’ representations, joining the traditional with the digital.

I was the sole designer / art director on this project.

Digital Responsive Design

The proposal portal was proposed based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework along with some uses of HTML5 libraries. Working with the in-house developer we aimed to maximise the experience for the user while maintaining the optimal browser and device usage, given a greater percentage of our target audience would be on mobile devices.


The content was known as Carbon Media was to generate and deliver all of it, from fact sheets to ambassador profile copy and video interviews. This allowed me to approach the UX as a user advocate, attempting to flow the content and guide the user to where they should or want to be with ease. From this UX came the UI and placement of campaign items.


As the sole art director on this project my responsibilities were–from macro to micro–communicate with marketing, who was the primary point of contact for the client, and the in-house developer to deliver a visually interesting and achievable campaign. I proposed the ‘selfie – put yourself in the picture’ approach and the entire brand’s visual style.

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